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Please follow the link to see collated feedback following our Parent Consultation Event which took place on 26th April 2018:

Parent Consultation Event Feedback 26.04.18

Please follow the link below to see our responses to your comments following the Parental Questionnaire distributed in January 2017.

Response to Parental Comments (Reporting&Profiling) 2017

We recently re-branded our Homework Diaries as Home/School Learning Logs. A Learning Log is a journal which evidences pupil learning and skills development.  It is not just a diary of what has been done but a record of what has been learnt, tried and reflected upon.

Pupils can include details of what they did or how they did something then consider asking themselves questions such as:

  • The most important thing I learned was…..
  • What I found difficult was…..
  • What I found interesting was…..
  • What I enjoyed most was …..
  • What I want to find out more about is…..
  • What I need more help with…..
  • What still puzzles me…..
  • What surprised me was…..
  • What I was most pleased about was…..
  • What I have learned that is new…..
  • What helped me when something got tricky was…..
  • What really made me think was…..
  • Right now I feel…..
  • I might have learned better if…..