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The Curriculum

Many thanks to everyone who attended our Curriculum Information and Consultation evening on Wednesday 24th February 2016.  Based on the information gathered, we have drafted a Curriculum Rationale for our school.

A Curriculum Rationale is an important working document.  It is a strategic overview which is used to ensure a shared understanding of the purpose and design of the curriculum.

This document will be reviewed and updated regularly in consultation with staff, pupils, parents and partners.

We have yet to add to the ‘Pupil Comments’ section of the rationale.  Our Pupil Council will provide comments following a committee meeting on Friday 4th March.

A separate Early Years Curriculum Rationale is being developed and will be shared with you shortly.

Curriculum Rationale First and Second Level

In June 2015, Highland Council created the Primary Curriculum Overview.  The Primary Curriculum Overview supports us to build a curriculum which ensures coverage of the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes across the Primary years through the four contexts of learning:

  • the ethos and life of the school as a community
  • curriculum areas and subjects
  • interdisciplinary learning
  • opportunities for personal achievement

We have adapted aspects of the overview to reflect the unique nature of our school and the interests and needs of the pupils we teach.

Early to First Level 3 Year Cycle

The Second Level Cycle will be added shortly.