Be the best version of YOU!

Teaching for Effective Learning

Teaching is underpinned by our shared school vision and values.  In order to deliver our vision – Be The Best Version of You! The following must be in place:

  • Pupils must experience a wide range of learning environments
  • Creative teaching approaches should be developed and supported
  • Learning should be enriched by the use of digital technologies
  • Explanations and instructions are clear
  • Skilled questioning promotes curiosity and enables higher-order thinking skills
  • Learners are observed closely to inform appropriate and well-timed interventions and future learning
  • Feedback is used effectively to inform and support progress in learning


Evidence of Teaching for Effective Learning:

Learning Environments

Inverlochy Primary School is welcoming and inclusive in order to support the individual needs of all children.

Learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom.  The term ‘learning environment’ means the place where children learn. This can be at home, the nursery or primary setting, the outdoors, the wider community or visits to places of interest.

Partnerships are key to provide learners with the widest possible breadth of engaging and unique opportunities to extend their potential

We strive to offer different and challenging experiences to stimulate pupil learning and development. Learning beyond the classroom, in all its forms, can make a huge contribution to this.

Our Partners

Creative Teaching Approaches

In Primary P3 – P7 we use a ‘reciprocal’ approach to reading. Reciprocal reading is a framework for teaching the skills necessary for good comprehension.  Learners work in groups, with the teacher initially modelling the use of four key strategies – predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising.  Gradually, learners begin to work independently in their groups, with the group leader deciding who will do each job and making sure everyone joins in.

P3 – P7 classes begin each session by completing a sequence of ‘Impact Lessons’ in order to reinforce the four key strategies.

Reciprocal Reading Impact Lessons P3.4

Use of Digital Technologies

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Explanations and Instructions

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Promoting Higher Ordering Thinking

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Observing Learners

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Feedback and Progress

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