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Meeting Learning Needs

Please follow the link to find out about Autism Support Group dates for 2018:

2018 Pines Autism Information Session Dates

Each classroom at Inverlochy has been supplied with Literacy First Aid Kits. These kits are another step towards making our whole school ASN-friendly in its approach.

These kits are to used to help pupils to help themselves.  The contents of the kit are suitable for pupils with dyslexia or any other literacy, phonic or sequencing/processing difficulty.

As the boxes are a starting point, the resources have not been categorised by stage and so many of the resources may not be used in the early stages but could be used more frequently in the first and second stages and vice versa.

Within these boxes are some useful reminders for teachers too!

Consider Your Teaching

Staff have also had training in Colour Coding which provides a way into phonemic awareness for children with spoken and written language problems.

Colour Coding Introduction & Instructions for parents