Be the best version of YOU!


At Inverlochy Primary, we feel that it is important that pupil’s views and opinions are valued and considered when we plan next steps for the school. Pupil’s school experiences are at the heart of our development priorities and therefore our pupils should be at the heart of the decision making process.

To ensure that every child’s voice is heard, every pupil is a member of one of school committees. Each committee meets on the last Friday of every month to contribute their ideas on how we can make our school an even better place to be. All committees develop an action plan which is displayed on our Committees board for all of the school to see. Children will work during committee meetings to put their Action Plan points into action and will evaluate how these are going.

Our committee mornings give pupils the chance to work with children at all ages and to develop their team working skills, confidence and leadership skills. Children are also given a sense of achievement in working towards whole school goals and certified awards. The work completed  by our school committees is highly valued by staff, parents and the wider community.

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