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Breakfast Club

With part of the money we have been allocated in Pupil Equity Funding, we will be running a Breakfast Club from 8.15am to 9am every morning.

Having a Breakfast Club is one way we hope to ensure pupils are getting a nutritious start to their day. We believe that breakfast clubs provide many positive benefits to children and families, including:

Improved learning, attendance and behaviour at school
Healthy eating
Social development and fun through play

The aims of our Breakfast Club are:

To offer a safe and secure and friendly environment in which children can enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast under the supervision of qualified staff.

In accordance with the school’s healthy eating ethos, to provide a nutritious breakfast served in a relaxed and supervised environment.

To enhance the community spirit and contribute towards the extended school role.

The cost of each session is £1 per child per session (subject to review). Pupils in receipt of Free School Meal allowance will not need to pay for the service.

Breakfast comprising cereal, toast and juice will be provided. Activities will be provided for pupils once they have eaten. Breakfast will be served from 8.15am – 8.40am

At 8.55am pupils will be escorted to their classrooms for the start of the school day.

Our Breakfast Club will be run by our school canteen staff and school staff if numbers dictate. They have the correct safeguarding checks in place. We aim to follow best practice guidance and will have a ratio of one adult to ten children.