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At Inverlochy Primary school we aim to make transition to new stages in our school as smooth as possible for all children. Whether children are moving into Primary 1, to a new class or starting secondary school, we ensure that a positive transition programme is put in place to prepare children for their new education experience.

Pre-school to Primary 1 Transition

Starting school for the first time can be such an exciting experience for new pupils, but obviously the prospect starting Primary 1 can be daunting too. By taking part in a variety of transition activities before starting school can help to put children’s worries about starting school at ease and ensure a positive and stress-free start to Primary 1.

At Inverlochy Primary we offer a variety of transition activities to ease children into Primary 1:

  • All children due to start Primary 1 in August are invited in to take part in 4 lessons in their new classroom with their new teacher. The 4th lesson is a school tour which parents and guardians are welcome to join!
  • The new Primary 1 teacher(s) will visit Inverlochy Nursery for 4 lessons based on starting Primary 1
  • Every new pupil in Primary 1 will be paired with a Primary 7 buddy who will help them to adjust to life at school! New Primary 1 children will begin working with their buddies while they are still in nursery so that they know their buddy well by the time they start Primary 1

New Stage Transition

As it comes to the end of the school year, pupils thoughts turn to new classes and teachers. We understand that while some pupils can be excited about their new class, that for some it can be an uncertain time. To make sure that moving class is a fun and exciting time for all we ensure the following:

  • While our Primary 7 class are visiting Lochaber High School, all classes will take part in a transition week where they will visit their new class teacher and classroom. Here they will take part in activities that will help them get to know their new class and environment. In some instances there may be unavoidable changes to staffing so therefore we cannot guarantee that the teacher that your child is with for transition week is definitely the teacher they will have in August.
  • If children require extra support during transition an “About My New Class” book will be created to allow children to read about their new teacher, classroom, classmates and other important information before returning in August.

Primary 7 to Secondary Transition

When it is time for our Primary 7 children to leave Inverlochy Primary, we work very closely with Lochaber High School staff to ensure that transition to secondary school is as seamless as possible. The P7- S1 transition programme includes the following activities:

  • A Transition Week where Primary 7 children will experience a week of learning in the High School with their new class and teachers
  • Any children requiring extra transition will be offered extra visits to the High School in small groups as part of Enhanced Transition
  • Teachers and Librarians will visit Primary 7 classes to answer questions about learning and lessons at High School
  • Members of the Guidance department will also visit Primary 7 to answer questions and put children at ease before moving to S1

If you have any further questions about transition please contact us.