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We are proud at Inverlochy to have an enthusiastic team of staff who work hard everyday to do the best for the children at our school.  Our staff are as follows:

Head Teacher Mrs Kirsty Clark
Depute Head Teacher Mrs Tanya Ross
Principal Teacher Mrs Carolyn Groat
Childcare Manager Mrs Carole Graham
P1 Class Teacher Mrs Anne Boistelle
P2 Class Teacher Mrs Syima Rehman
P3 Class Teachers Mrs Kathie Dobson (Mon/Tues)

Mrs Tanya Ross (Wed/Thur/Fri)

P4 Class Teachers Mrs Laura Simpson (Mon/Tues/Wed)

Mrs Amy Stewart (Wed/Thurs/Fri)

P5 Class Teacher Mrs Linda Lees
P6 Class Teachers Mrs Kate MacGillivray (Mon)

Mrs Ann Dowson (Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri)

P7 Class Teachers Mrs Carolyn Groat

Mrs Laura Simpson (Wed pm)

Additional Support Needs Teachers Miss Mary Adam (Tues)

Mrs Sarah MacLeod (Wed/Thurs)

CCR Teacher Mrs Rachel Stewart (Thurs/Fri)
Pupil Support Assistants Mrs Muriel Cottam

Mrs Johann Macleod

Miss Vicky MacDonald (and CSW)

Mrs Lyn MacTavish

Miss Anna Marshall

Mrs Mhairi Morrison

Mr John Thomson

Early Years Practitioners Mrs Mairi Beaton (and PSA)

Mrs Kerry Dodds

Miss Morgan MacKinnon

Miss Shanna Michie

Miss Debbie Morrison

Mrs Sarah Stephen

Out of School Care Auxiliaries Mrs Hilary Fisher

Mrs Clare Hageman

Miss Kayleigh MacDonald

Clerical Assistants Miss Anna Innes (School)

Mrs Clare Hamilton (OOSC)

Janitor Mr Calum Smith
Road Crossing Patrollers Mrs Helen Winder

Ms Jen Beattie

Catering Staff Mrs Sheena Fox-Gilles

Mrs Bella Stevenson

Mrs Ann Spence