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Pupil Equity Fund

Inverlochy Primary has been allocated £24 000 as part of the Scottish Government’s Pupil Equity Funding.

Pupil Equity Funding is additional funding to be allocated directly to schools. Schools will receive a monetary allocation for each child in Primary 1 to S3, or equivalent based on particular eligible criteria being agreed.

An Interventions for Equity framework has been developed to support the introduction of Pupil Equity Funding. This framework has been designed to support schools in making decisions about how to select interventions and approaches which can help to close the attainment gap between our most and least disadvantaged children.

As a starting point we have looked at the interventions we already have in place at Inverlochy.  We will revise this document to include additional interventions we need to implement to ensure we are working to close the poverty related attainment gap.

Interventions for Equity at Inverlochy

On 27th April 2017 we met with other local primary schools and our partners to consider how Pupil Equity Funding could be used effectively to close the poverty related attainment gap. This is what we came up with:

Our vision for PEF is to implement a Nurturing Starts to School initiative.  We have our Walking Bus and Breakfast Club are already up and running.

Nurturing Starts