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Super Writing

P7 have written some fantastic opening sections for their ‘not as it seems’ themed writing. We definitely have some budding authors in our midst. Have a read of some of them…

Behind You

‘One summer’s day when the sun was screeching over the horizon, the summer break was coming to a halt. Nervous silence lay over the gigantic house where the most unfortunate family I know live. Two weeks ago there was a murder there…

My Mum fearfully sent me over with flowers. My heart was beating like a fast drum. I had thoughts running through my head. I approached the house. I knocked on the door worriedly. I saw a dark shadow, it anxiously made its way to the door only to find out that it was George’s Mum. I saw tears running down her cheek. I muttered to her timidly, “I’m sorry about your loss”. She replied “Thank you, it’s been a difficult time”, her voice beginning to break.’

The Urge

‘Darkness. It was a cold night in the outskirts of London. The frosty wind whisped past my neck. I’m Dan, I’m just a regular guy. Nothing interesting would happen to me…until now. My friend Peter was dead.

I was walking down the road towards my apartment then I had a flashback. Peter’s body was lying on front of me, his blood weaving in and out of the cobblestones towards the gutter. I woke up to find myself curled up in the corner unable to move. Later, when I finally pulled myself up, I continued down the road to my apartment.

I walked through the door and was attacked by the bright colours of our home. It felt odd, inappropriate even. He was such a lively soul and he wouldn’t hurt a fly, maybe that’s why he was singled out as a victim.’

The Calamity

‘Have you ever had that feeling in your stomach when the fate of the school is in your hands? Well, the people reading this fantastic handwritten story will learn that this is exactly the feeling I have in my hungry little stomach today.

One one hand, I’m just a kid. what can I do? Well, that’s what my brother Jonathan said but he’s not very smart. On the other hand, I am the one who let the calamity escape and take everyone. I can’t just sit back and relax. I must do something. It’s now or never.’

Fantastic work. We can’t wait to read the rest of these stories!

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