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P7 Burns Assembly

This week the Primary 7 ran an assembly in front of  the whole school.  The assembly was all  about Robert  Burns, who was a famous Scottish poet. Primary 7 talked  about his life and some of the class read out some of his poems – To A Mouse and  The Address to  a Haggis. They  showed  a video of artwork and a recitation of the song my Love Is  Like a Red Red Rose. To check that everyone was listening, they had a quiz filled with facts about Burns.

Click the link to see our video:

Article by Marly P7

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Double Attendance Award for P7

Last month, Primary 7 were the recipients of the Attendance award. They chose to have a DVD afternoon. During the assembly this week, Mrs Clark announced that Primary 7 had won the attendance award for this month also! Fantastic, Primary 7! Can’t wait to see what you pick this time. Here are some photos from […]

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P7 PE with Mrs Stewart

Pupils have been given experience of many different sports in PE. This term, they concentrated on movement (dance and gymnastics), fitness and netball. Thank you mrs Stewart for all of the hard work she puts into giving the class quality PE lessons!

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P7 have been experimenting with liquids of varying viscosities.

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As part of RME this term, Primary 7 have been exploring the theme of discrimination. Pupils started with Show Racism the Red Card and then learned about the many types of discrimination that people face – disability discrimination, LGBT discrimination, sectarianism and gender discrimination. The pupils all enjoyed their topic and looked at inspiration people […]

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